Incentive in Poland

Incentive travel in Poland

Incentive Travel is one of the most attractive form of tourism and its popularity is still rising. Short, mostly 3-8 days, trips combine usually intensive tourist programme with courses or conferences. Incentive Travel provides more efficient motivation to work, uncomparable with money or material award, and enriches participants' knowlegde. Furthermore - this kind of travel integrates teams, favours tightening relations and, as a final effect, increases loyalty to the company. It means that incentive tavel brings benefits both to employees as well as to employers. Thanks to the cooperation with hotels and conference centres all over Poland we are able to offer the highest standard of services in competetive price.

Depending on Your wish we can prepare the offer of accomodation in exclusive hotels with swimming-pools, horse-riding, paintball or other interesting events, or You can choose small, cosy hotels and pensions situated within virgin forests, in the mountains or at the sea-side, where the atmosphere is much more familiar. Our commitment and ability of understanding our clients' needs ensure organization of unforgettable itineraries. Our motto and top priority is our client's satisfaction. That is why we give at Your disposal proffesional guides and creative staff, that will acompany You during the whole event. Every our client is treated individually and we prepare itineraries taking under concideration all his wishes and financial ability.

Our services are available in two options: - inform us about Your budget and the date of the event and we will determine standard of the hotels, location of the accomodation and the rest of the conditions or - determine your requirements about the date, location, hotel standards and we will calculate the price. All you need to do if you want to get more detailes is to contact us - and we guarantee that You will get proffesional help and service.